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The Sin Boldly Podcast

In the summer of 2015, Pastor McClanahan began working with a local public radio station - KPFT, 90.1 FM - to develop a podcast. That podcast is now a digital radio show, available every Thursday at 5:00 pm on your digital radio or via streaming through KPFT's website. It will continue to be recorded and put out as a podcast. Called Sin Boldly, the show focuses on a combination of apologetics (defending Christianity to the outside world), discernment (seeking truth within the Christianity community), and commentary on current events. There are also occasional shows on aesthetics within the church, so keep you ears out for shows on liturgy, contemporary worship, and church architecture. Check out the podcast feed to see if any past shows are of interest. Listen live here

​All episodes are available through any podcast app for free. Just search the iTunes store for The Sin Boldly Podcast. If you use an Android device, I highly recommend using the CastBox app. It's a free app and you can find it through Google Play. The podcasts will not come up through Stitcher and CastBox's search feature is easy to use.

​In addition to the radio show material, this podcast feed also includes occasional sermons and audio from the First Word Debate and Lectures Series. The sermons expire after about 2 months so the feed will only consist of the radio show and debates. All podcasts through iTunes are free.  ​Many thanks again to the great folks at KPFT. If you like what you hear on the Sin Boldly Podcast, be sure to drop a line to Pastor McClanahan and visit www.kpft.org.

Notable past guests include apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate, historian Dr. Larry Schweikart, atheist David Smalley, author Katherine Ozment, filmmaker Rena Montedoro, Exorcist Fr. Gary Thomas, author Karl Vaters, apologist Eric Hernandez, author Karen Stollznow, musician and author Dan Michael Cogan, among many more!

Oh, and if you like the music, I alternate between two albums. One is Giver of Life By Dan Michael Cogan. You can find it on iTunes or download it for free here. Thanks, Dan! The southern rock is from my brother's old band, Greenlight Caravan. Just look for Greenlight Caravan on iTunes to download their whole album. If you like southern rock, you'll love Greenlight Caravan.

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The Scarlet Thread Podcast

The Scarlet Thread Podcast is a daily Bible podcast that employs the 2-year daily lectionary to cover much of the Old Testament in two years, and most of the New Testament every year. This 6-10  minute daily podcast will include three scriptural readings (one Old Testament, one New Testament and one Gospel lesson), the Lord's prayer, and a psalm or proverb. 

Why call it The Scarlet Thread? The “scarlet thread” that runs throughout the scripture is the salvation of man found only in Jesus Christ. It is scarlet because the salvation is ultimately found in the scarlet blood of Jesus, and it is a thread because it is foreshadowed and preached about in the Old Testament before being realized in the New. There will be no special effects or background music (except for the ringing of the church bell) What we wanted to offer here is just the plain reading of God’s Word.​ The feed will include about one month's worth of readings at any given time.

While this is not a complete reading of the Bible, it is a great way to hear the narrative of the scriptures. As it follows the liturgical year, festival and saint’s days will be observed. The Scarlet Thread uses the  Revised Standard Version (RSV) of the Bible.  ​​The podcast feed can be found here. If you have an iPhone, use your built-in Podcasts app to search for The Scarlet Thread and then subscribe. You will need an account with Apple but ​all podcasts are free, including this one. If you use an Android device, I highly recommend using the CastBox app. It's a free app and you can find it through Google Play. The podcasts will not come up through Stitcher and CastBox's search feature is easy to use.

The Sin Boldly Blog

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The Sin Boldly Blog

When there is a pressing thought, concern, or maybe just for fun, Pastor McClanahan will write a short essay on the church's blog, called, like the podcast, Sin Boldly. Click on the image to the right to be taken to that website, or see the feed below. Topics include everything from liturgical pondering to social observations and commentary on the current state of the church. Enjoy!

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