Fall, 2014 Schedule


September 20, 7:30 pm: An Evening with Dr. James Tour. Dr. Tour of Rice University presented a lecture called "Science, Faith, Chemical Mechanisms and Reflections on Darwinian Evolution." To those unable to attend, you can download it below. Many thanks to Dr. Tour for sharing his insights and gifts with Houston and beyond!

Dr. Tour Lecture at FELC.mp3

Saturday, November 8, 7:30 pm: Houston Baptist University will present a debate between Jewish Rabbi Tovia Singer and New Testament Scholar Craig T. Evans on the question, "Was Jesus the Promised Messiah?" The cost will be $10 and you can learn more and register here. The debate will be held at Mabee Theatre on the campus of HBU.


This debate series has featured two debates to date. Our first debate was held at HBU in November, 2013. That debate was between John Mark Reynolds and Dan Barker and can be viewed in its entirity here. The question up for debate was, "Does God Exist?"

Our second debate was between Christian apologist Eric Hernandez and HCC Philosophy Professor Dan Flores on the question, "Is God Necessary?" You can view this debate here.

These debates were presented by the Houston Debate Coalition, a partnership of First Lutheran and Houston Baptist University. Future debates and lectures will be presented by First Word, a ministry of First Lutheran. Keep your eye out for a debate and lecture series in the Spring focusing on the Resurrection of Jesus and the Shroud of Turin!